HR Manager has a really round face but his profile pic on linkedin is stretched out in a way that makes his head look normal I’m laffin

yes definitely! i don’t ~quite~ live in columbus but it’s close enough

I want someone who I can go on nighttime car rides with, not really having a destination in mind, just driving around and enjoying the sights and each other’s company


*resists urge to like post of anime girl figurine butt on instagram bc half my family follows me on there*

There’s a dj on a radio station that I listen to a lot who always says friendly reminder and I think of tumblr every time

Pls don’t bring up the hr manager stuff there my mom follows me rofl

Friend Remembering that I have an instagram and I’m more active on that than I am on here anymorw

You know how with some girls, their breasts, ribs, and tummy make 3 little curves on their body when you look at it from the side? Ya I love that